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Two Guys Photography is exactly that, two guys. Founded by Doug Gould and Jim "J.R." Reading, our aim has never been to build a huge company, but to stay small, offer big company services, with small company care and values. We provide 3D, 360°, virtual reality, and drone photography & video services primarily to the following types of customers in western and southwestern Michigan.

Real Estate

In order to compete in today’s real estate market, you have to embrace newer technologies, such as 3D video, VR, and aerial drones.  Place potential buyers right inside your property with a 360-degree virtual experience that allows home buyers to explore the space without physically traveling there.

LOADING – House Tour

Art & Culture

Impress potential customers with a true 3D immersive virtual tour!  With the addition of Google Street View integration and dynamic InfoTag content, you can engage your customer while enticing them to visit your location.

LOADING – The Palette Art Gallery & Studio 18 E. Center St. – Douglas, MI

Retail Stores

Bring window shopping into the 21st century by captivating new customers with a 360-degree experience around your entire store.  Integrating Google Street View will even let them do a drive-by without starting their car.

LOADING – Upscale Mercantile – Douglas, MI


Diners require visual cues before making reservations. Add a 3D virtual experience to your website to increase engagement with your customer and present your restaurant or venue as if they were there. With Google Street View integration and dynamic multimedia InfoTag content, your space will come alive. Scratch & Sniff coming soon!

LOADING – Wicks Park Bar and Grille

Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Vacationers work hard for their time away.  Relieve their stress of renting a vacation property with an immersive 3D experience that allows them to see every nook and cranny. Dynamic InfoTags allow you to promote the features that make your property great, along the way.

LOADING – Ridgeview Retreat

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