Two Guys Photography was started by Doug Gould and Jim ‘J.R.’ Reading.  Doug has owned Legends Sports Photography for the last 31 years. J.R. came onboard 19 years ago.  Together we have built one of the largest independently owned youth sports studios in Michigan.  We moved to Saugatuck/Douglas in 2016 and had requests to do some real estate photography. In 2017, Two Guys Photography was formed to photograph real estate, construction sites, restaurants, rentals, etc..  We invested in a cutting edge technology camera that allows to photograph 360 photos, 3D and use Virtual Reality headsets to tour a property in addition to traditional still images.

Two Guys Photography is exactly what it says, two guys who have the photography experience and can give their customers a one on one relationship with the same caring we have given our thousands of clients in sports photography.  Our aim is not to build a huge company but to stay small, offer big company services but small company personal service.